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  • We specialize in comedy and genre storytelling to explore outer worlds and inner journeys through podcasting, comics, books, and film. Founded by writer-producer-comedian-podcaster Chris Mancini, this is the home of Conversations From the Abyss, Long Ago and Far Away, What Are You Watching? with Chris Mancini, and also projects like Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master, Vol 1, and the storytelling/relaxation podcast The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood.

Our Podcasts

What Are You Watching With Chris Mancini

Host Chris Mancini invites comedians, writers, and other creatives who make the entertainment we love to talk about the TV & film they love! Updates every Monday.

A serialized podcast chronicling conversations we were never meant to hear. Each radio-play written by Chris Mancini and performed by beloved voice actors! Updates seasonally.

The Quiet Journeys of Professor Atwood Podcast

Let Professor Atwood take you on a journey and help you fall asleep. Each Quiet Journey is designed with a soundscape and bedtime story to help you learn something before you go to sleep. Updates Monthly.

Our Graphic Novels, Comics, Films, and Books

Long Ago and Far Away Graphic Novel

Written by Chris Mancini and illustrated by Fernando Pinto, Long Ago and Far Away is a 120+ page graphic novel often compared as “Clerks” meets “The Neverending Story.”

Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master Graphic Novel

Written by Chris Mancini and illustrated by Fernando Pinto, Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master is a 120+ page comic series. Volume One debuts in Summer of 2021.

The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to the Movies is the book-version of the hit podcast and features contributions from Greg Proops, Suzy Nakamura, Jackie Kashian, Neil T. Weakley and many more.  Forward from Doug Benson.

Ear Buds is a documentary about podcasting and the people who make them and the people who listen to podcasts. Produced by Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood, DVDs are available for purchase.

White Cat Entertainment is a new company I founded in 2020 after working in many different mediums throughout my journey. I wanted to focus on what I love doing most: Telling stories. I’ve been a Writer, Director, Comedian, Author, Producer, Podcaster, and Parent. The last one makes me the most tired of all.

I’ve written, directed and produced on everything from soap operas to parenting books to horror films, which are all more closely related than you think.

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