How can White Cat Entertainment help you? We offer writing and producing services in the following areas:


Need help with a script? Film, TV, Comics, Book Proposals, or Podcasts, we can help. From taking on projects from scratch to just a polish or rewrite. We can also help develop your pitch.

Script Coverage

Just need notes on a script? Chris has extensive script coverage experience, and can help steer your project in the right direction.

Expert Commentary

Need an on-camera expert? Chris has been featured on shows such as Inventions that Changed History on Discovery+ as well as on many other shows and channels as a pop culture and movie expert.


If you need help with anything from a website or app to a script for an Apple Keynote, we have experience with those and everything in between.


Writing, Podcasts, and Kickstarters. If you just need some advice drop us a line.

For Rates and More info, please go to the CONTACT page.